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I finally got the release build working in SVN with a lot of help from James_in_Utah, just checkout from SVN, run a debug build, then run a release build and it should work fine.

World Wind 1.4.1 alpha

I also mashed together an alpha of 1.4.1, this isn’t final, although any core changes are highly unlikely, also NASA had nothing to do with this build so don’t hold them responsible if your hard drive gets wiped.


You use this at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused

This is an x86 build and works fine for me in XP and Windows 7 beta, it has also been installed successfully on Vista pro SP1.

Well not much progress today, installed the PC software, had a few problems getting the phone to connect, a combination of my firewall ang usb port, after getting it working I downloaded the UK map pack, it only downloads the 2D versions though, no aerial imagery. This is a bit annoying as no matter what I try I can’t get the phone to connect to the internet, I think the problem is vodafone, maybe because I’m using prepay and my credit is low, and then typically the battery went flat, so I need to find a 3-pin to 2-pin adapter.

As most World Wind developers know getting it to build in release mode doesn’t ‘just work’, I think I have managed to get it to work again tonight, so here are the steps so I don’t forget.

1 – Check the Microsoft.DirectX References in all projects, if the version is delete it then add a new reference for Microsoft.DirectX version 1.0.2902.0.

2 – Build in debug mode.

3 – Create a directory in bin\ named Release and copy everything from bin\Debug to the bin\Release folder.

4 – Open the properties for the RSS.NET project, select signing, tick ‘Sign the assembly’ and make a strong name key file, don’t use a password.

5 – Select release mode and hit build.

This worked for me on a clean checkout from SVN, if it doesn’t work for you ask a real dev not me!

Got my trial phone today, after being asked by WOM World if I would like to test out Nokia Maps 3.0, I haven’t had chance to fully test it as it’s horrible outside, so these are just my first impressions.

The phone itself is a Nokia 6210 Navigator, it comes in a cool looking box with the ‘blue marble’ on it, I’ll post images soon, the phone is nice and light, installing the battery and SIM was simple, which was lucky as neither manual in the box is English, also no 3 pin plug, just two 2 pin Euro style chargers.  Also in the box is a Bluetooth earpiece, some headphones and a usb lead.

The navigation panel is simple to use, and feels nice, the slide out keypad isn’t so good, I have trouble pressing the top row as the bulk of the phone is in the way, also the shiny keys look nice but my fingers tend to slide off them.

The menu layout looks very nice and is easy to use, it’s also not too ‘simplistic’ like on some phones, the geek side of me hates systems which are too dumbed down.  The video playback quality is extremely good, it uses Realplayer (eww, but it works well on a mobile), the sound quality is also pretty good, better than most laptops, using the inbuilt speaker that is, I haven’t tried the headphones.

The Map feature looks pretty good from what I could see, which isn’t too much as I can’t get a GPS signal indoors and the web connection doesn’t connect, the latter is probably my fault as I just shoved in a spare SIM I had and no doubt need to get the settings sent from Vodafone, also it is a pay-as-you-go SIM so no 3G, I wonder if I can get it to connect via Wi-Fi hmmm…

I’ll have a better play tomorrow and also upload some photos, signng out for now, and going to attempt getting World Wind to do a release build yet again.

Well I just installed World Wind 1.4 onto Windows 7 beta and everything went amazingly easily, I wasn’t asked to update DirectX, or install either Managed DirectX or .Net, great !  After installation all I had to do was right click the desktop shortcut and select ‘run as administrator’ and World Wind popped up in all it’s glory, no connection problems, graphics glitches or anything, colour me impressed.

World Wind 1.4 running in Windows 7

World Wind 1.4 running in Windows 7

Also I love the on-screen keyboard in Windows 7, the predictive text makes things go so much faster, I’ve also noticed that it uses no more memory or CPU resources than my default XP install, I think I’m becoming a Windows 7 fanboy, arghh……..

First thoughts


Ok Multiboot install was easy, no need to use cursor arrows on an ugly text based screen, just a simple GUI with mouse support, also nice is the ability to use an on screen keyboard and magnifier.  Not so good is the time it takes to expand files, it stayed on 0% so long I was tempted to reboot, maybe a larger iso with less file compression would be better,  the other part that took a while was completing installation, there isn’t even a progress indicator for this which I found very frustrating.  On the plus side it saw my RAID and didn’t BSOD like XP.

After finally booting into Windows 7 you just think VISTA, I dislike the magnifier and would like a ‘classic’ option so I can just attach it to the top of the screen like in XP, also my Marvell network adapter was not installed so I am going to have to download the Vista 64 bit drivers under XP then install them manually.

All in all my first try was ok, it will take a while of playing around to decide whether it is really any good or not, so far I’m thinking it could really just be a Vista service pack renamed by Microsoft’s spin department to get people like me to forget the crappiness of Vista and finally upgrade from XP, more updates will follow after I get the network working and try installing World Wind.